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heroics n : ostentatious or vainglorious or extravagant or hammy conduct; "heroics are for those epic films they make in Hollywood"

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  1. The actions of a hero.
    • RAUBENHEIMER NO v TRUSTEES, JOHANNES BREDENKAMP TRUST, AND OTHERS 2006 (1) SA 124 (C)"The original cottage was said to appear on a well-known painting, dating back to 1863, of the American pirate ship, the Alabama, leaving Table Bay. It was also believed to feature in the story of the heroic Wolraad Woltemade who, in 1773, lost his life and that of his horse after valiantly saving 14 shipwrecked persons. This was said to have taken place within sight and full view of the house. The second respondent called this historical link into question, averring that the house was probably not yet built in 1773 while Woltemade's heroics were believed to have taken place in the vicinity of the Salt River mouth, some 10 km away."

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Heroics is a United States based clothing company founded by Devon Almarinez in 2002, also known as Heroics LLC and Heroics Clothing.


The original Heroics clothing line was started by Almarinez as a showcase of local artwork and styles of the San Francisco Bay Area. Almarinez, who previously served as chief designer for Wild 949 and Precise Music Group, began to expand his work towards visually marketing for many local record labels and artists. Quickly, he had amassed a vast portfolio, with a clientele including artists such as The Game, Dj Skee, Aaron Carter, Kevin Federline, Ya Boy, and many others.


The Heroics product line includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bandanas, and other clothing articles and accessories. A large number of designs, which feature both Almarinez's work as well as collaborations with other artists, are available through an online store. While stylistically diverse, the Heroics style is perhaps most identifiable by bold color schemes and intricate detail.

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